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Pune is reeling. The weather has been mercilessly hot and to top it, the auto-rickshaw drivers in the city have gone on an indefinite strike. With the city’s public transport already grossly inadequate, the strike is the most unwelcome thing you could ask for. I for one am all for the RTA’s decision to reduce the fares. The auto-rickshaw drivers did not reduce fares even when fuel prices dropped by nearly ten rupees. And though I have come across several helpful and considerate rickshaw drivers, a good lot of them are terribly rude, leeching hapless passengers with more than the already over priced fare. That said, the stir – now in it’s third day, is crippling. Especially for those who don’t own/drive vehicles.

Long distances are a nightmare. And an attempt to cover the shorter ones by foot in this torturous weather might just kill you. So urgencies, emergencies and other such contingencies are all on stand-by. Not a very bright prospect, but that’s how the whole situation is – helpless.

So when I chanced upon this little article in today’s paper I felt nice. Here were a different kind of Page 3 celebs. A band of youngsters called Adar Pratishtan is ferrying people around the city in their private vehicles- for free. Now isn’t that nice? AP is a group comprising of architects, businessmen, students, etc. helping senior citizens, disabled folks and patients to hospitals and other places. Once the strike was announced, this motley group of 40 went to rickshaw stands and hospitals asking people to contact them if they needed help. Now seriously, that’s really nice. Considering what a bomb private vehicles charge, their philanthropy is heart warming. I am glad there are so many good people in the city.

Just thought they deserve a thank-you- not just from me as an individual, but from all the people they have helped and for all those they want to help. It’s the thought that matters. And I hope this motivates others in the city (myself included!) and more such groups come forward to help the society in its need.

For more details you can contact Adar Pratishtan on 9822099447; or look into today’s edition of Pune Newsline, Page 3


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