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February 2008. One of the best Februaries of my life and I procrastinated for a whole year to blog about it. Sigh.

Anyways. Don’t want to waste too much print on lamentations.

Flashback 12 months. Hubby and I are still the star struck newly weds. It’s my second month in the US of A and I have already had a delightful trip to Ann Arbor, Michigan. Hubby loves to travel and so he suggests we pool in our resources and take a second mini vacation of the month. The destination? California!

My uber cool cousin already lives there and so it’s the proverbial two birds with a stone plan- hang around with Munnu Bhai and gallivant in San Francisco. Stuff that dreams are made of, said Shakespeare once. Alhamdulilah. Allah has been very kind.

*Sinks into dreamland before jerking and getting back to the post*


So- the date is marked out. It’s going to be the President’s day weekend. Off we are to Midway airport to catch the Southwest flight to San José. Full four hours to get there! Whoever thought America was THAT big? That’s longer than it takes from Mumbai to Dubai!

Me and Javed at Stanford University

Me and Javed at Stanford University

We land, I call my brother, he says he is coming in his car to pick us up and I just can’t control my excitement. After all, it’s been ages since I last saw him in flesh and blood myself. So I peer restlessly into every car that comes at the airport curb, hoping to see my good ‘ol cousin pal. I see a white sedan and lo behold! That must be him in it! Oh he’s waving too! I wave back frantically with both my arms, I jump and I yell, “There’s Munnu Bhai! There he is!'” The car closes in and the driver slows down near another passenger instead and before Javed can say, ‘ I don’t think that’s your cousin,’ I do a quick about turn to hide my mortification. For once, I am more embarrassed than my husband at my antics. Grrrr.

Oh well. Munnu Bhai does eventually turn up, albeit to a much soberer reception. He drives us into his super posh apartment complex as I look around agape with eyes popping out and say things like ‘You live HERE?’, ‘a WALK-IN closet?’ and things to that effect.

View from MB's window

View from MB's window

The good ‘ol cousin does a Top Chef and cooks up some delectable chicken curry. We munch and watch a movie on his Bravia and flip through a coffee table book on the godfather. (He swears by it)

Top Chef!

Top Chef!

I need to pace this thing up. I am still in San José! I don’t get in to SF till tomorrow! But I do need to mention that MB took us to the Stanford University campus that evening. No, I am not going to gush out superlatives here. It might make me sound immature, because seriously, the campus was a rocker! Now I know why Stanford’s such a big deal.

Javed at Stanford

Javed at Stanford

Brother-Sister :)

Brother-Sister 🙂

Brothers (in-law) in arms

Brothers (in-law) in arms

Next, MB drives to the Google complex. Unfortunately we can’t get in. Visitor hours are over but I can proudly say, ‘I WAS THERE’. I honestly was!

OUtside Google

Outside Google

I have to say, the area around San Jose is beautiful. The landscape just took my breath away, Mashalah. After weeks of the freezing Chicagoan winter, the sun, the smiling bright flowers and gentle green mounds of grass on all the roads were such a welcome delight!

MB was being the perfect host. He rounded up the day with some sizzling barbecued fish on his terrace. Umm yumm. I say, he’s all in the wrong profession. He really should’ve been a hotelier or something.

Barbecued Fish: Anthony Bourdain would've been impressed!

Soon later, the flight’s after effects begin to take a toll on me so I simply flop on the cushy-cushy bed. Yawwwn. Actually I am feeling quite sleepy myself. I think I’d need a recharge before the next installment. Zzzzzz. Seeya in a bit!

More pictures of the trip


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